Our Missions

Indie+ connects gamers, writers, broadcasters, game publishers and other indie people interested in small press games, helping indie creatives reach a larger audience and providing opportunities for a diverse range of people and ideas.

#GameNight’s mission is to become the go-to event for gamers on G+ via a diverse range of On-Air events that entertain and inform gamers and provide opportunities for playing games and socialising.

Indie+ Community Standards

To foster a safe and strong community, Indie+ has implemented a set of community standards outlining the responsibilities of the core team, content creators and followers. Download the full document here CSA - 12/12/2013 or read the summary below.

Community Standards Summary

Indie+’s mission is to help indie creatives reach a larger audience by providing opportunities to a diverse range of people and ideas. Our goal is to expand both the audience for indie games and the community of indie gamers by providing indie gaming content on a regular basis through Google+ Hangouts and other media.

To that end, we’re putting forward this document to lay out our community standards. If you’ve come to an Indie+ event, none of this will surprise you: we expect all members of our community to be kind to other members, to play games with respect and passion, and to listen to new ideas and opportunities with an open mind. If you’re interested in the details of that agreement, including your exact responsibilities, we encourage you to keep reading!

Promises & Responsibilities

Indie+ promises to provide:

  • Gaming environments that are fun and open to all
  • Events and content free of harassment or abuse
  • Opportunities for members to produce content for Indie+

Indie+ expects its community members to take responsibility for their own actions, specifically:

  • Not harassing others as well as reporting harassment and or calling out harassment if they see it happening to others
  • Respecting the stated boundaries of fellow community members and events
  • Being informed and choosing to participate in content that is appropriate for their needs and tolerances.

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